Sensory Labour Room

Innovative Birthing Experience

Freya’s sensory labour rooms offer a unique birthing experience inspired by international standards. The key features of these rooms include:

  • Visual Projections: Extra-large screen projections bring the beauty of nature into the room, providing a sense of security and reducing stress and pain during delivery. Different visuals are used at various stages of labor to aid the childbirth process.
  • Audio Inputs: Surround sound system aligned with the visuals offers comfort and support through soothing audio.
  • Advanced Birthing Support: The rooms are equipped with specially designed birthing pools, birthing ropes, and birthing balls.

Benefits of Sensory Labour Rooms

Sensory labour rooms have been shown to improve pain and comfort perception, reduce stress, and enhance the overall patient experience. They create a calm and reassuring atmosphere, which is beneficial for both the women in labor and the assisting staff, leading to more engaged and attentive care. The high occupancy rate indicates that more couples prefer to give birth in this environment.