Sensory Labor Room

Sensory labour rooms are Freya’s unique initiative in bringing international birthing experience to this part of the world. The main ideas incorporated in the sensory labour rooms are:

  • Visual projections on an extra-large screen bringing the wonder of nature into the room. This has been scientifically proven to provide a feeling of security, decrease stress and pain during delivery.
  • Different visual elements in different stages of labor have been shown to aid in the different processes a lady passes through during childbirth.
  • Audio inputs through a surround sound system which are aligned with the visuals to provide comfort and support.
  • These elements are complimented by all the advanced birthing support systems including specially designed birthing pool, birthing rope and birthing ball etc.

Sensory labor rooms have proven effective in pain perception, comfort perception, stress reduction, patient experience, and professional integrity. It creates a subdued atmosphere, calmer and more reassuring than a typical delivery room. Those assisting in the delivery process also feel more engaged and attentive to the women in labour and experience tranquil night shifts. High occupancy rate suggests more couples choose to give birth in the SDR environment.