Optimal Nutritional Care

At Freya, we emphasize providing and promoting optimal nutritional care and food services. Our clinical nutrition team consists of dietitians who specialize in assessing and addressing the nutritional needs of patients with complex health conditions. The goal is to promote health, prevent disease, and aid in the management of illnesses.

Benefits of Dietary Intervention

Dietary interventions can improve tolerance to various medical procedures and enhance the overall quality of life. Clinical nutritionists assess patients’ nutritional status, calculate their individual nutritional requirements, and educate families on special diets and nutritional support.

Types of Diets Offered

We offer various types of diets based on patient needs, including:

  • Regular diet
  • Soft diet
  • Restricted diet
  • Therapeutic diet
  • Renal diet
  • Bland diet

Specialized Nutrition Support

Our nutrition experts assist with managing specific dietary needs in different areas such as cardiac care, diabetes, and childhood and adult obesity. They provide guidance and support to help patients maintain health and manage their conditions through proper nutrition.