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Welcome to Freya Women & Child Hospital

Inspired by the Norse Goddess Freya

At Freya, we draw inspiration from the Norse goddess Freya, the goddess of love, pregnancy, and childbirth, known for protecting women and children through the ages. Our mission is to provide care that alleviates the worries and fears of being in a hospital. We recognize that reducing patient stress and uncertainty is a crucial part of treatment. This understanding drives us to create an environment where top-tier medical care is paired with the most soothing and caring atmosphere possible.

Comprehensive Care for Women and Children

Freya Women & Child Hospital, located in the heart of Ranchi, offers comprehensive care for women and children. As a leader in modern healthcare, we utilize innovative practices with the highest level of precision and care. With a team of world-class professionals and experts, we provide exceptional treatment facilities. Our unique combination of unmatched skills and state-of-the-art infrastructure in gynecology and pediatrics makes us a one-stop destination for holistic care for women and children at all stages of their lives.

Holistic and Comfortable Environment

Pregnancy and the newborn stage are particularly vulnerable times, yet most individuals in these stages are not sick. At Freya, we aim to support you and your loved ones through these challenging times. As we continue to grow, our goal remains to bring comfort to more lives through cutting-edge modern science delivered with a gentle, human touch. We believe our commitment to providing the finest and most fulfilling experience will drive our organization to greater heights.

Preferred Healthcare Destination

Freya Women & Child Hospital is rapidly becoming the preferred healthcare destination for patients across the state. Our uniqueness lies not only in our maternity services but also in the management of other critical disorders related to women and children. We strive to provide a holistic ambiance where patients feel at home rather than in a hospital.

Commitment to Excellence

We take great pride in our doctors and staff, who go the extra mile to deliver a unique patient experience. At Freya, we are dedicated to offering safe and effective healthcare, touching lives in the most scientific and humane way possible. Our focus on patient health is paramount, ensuring that all patients receive the best services in a stress-free environment. We pay meticulous attention to hygiene and sanitation to maintain a non-stressful ambiance.

Experience the Best Care

Come and experience the best of our facilities, where we ensure you receive the care you deserve. Book an appointment today for a healthier tomorrow.


To provide World Class Healthcare Services covering All aspects of healthcare needs of Women and Children. Services pertaining to the entire spectrum of women and children health are available here. 

Being Speciality Hospital, the focus is on maintaining and following the latest practices in patient treatment – all under One Single  Roof.