Month: April 2024

Innovative Birthing Experience

Freya’s sensory labour rooms offer a unique birthing experience inspired by international standards. The key features of these rooms include:

  • Visual Projections: Extra-large screen projections bring the beauty of nature into the room, providing a sense of security and reducing stress and pain during delivery. Different visuals are used at various stages of labor to aid the childbirth process.
  • Audio Inputs: Surround sound system aligned with the visuals offers comfort and support through soothing audio.
  • Advanced Birthing Support: The rooms are equipped with specially designed birthing pools, birthing ropes, and birthing balls.

Benefits of Sensory Labour Rooms

Sensory labour rooms have been shown to improve pain and comfort perception, reduce stress, and enhance the overall patient experience. They create a calm and reassuring atmosphere, which is beneficial for both the women in labor and the assisting staff, leading to more engaged and attentive care. The high occupancy rate indicates that more couples prefer to give birth in this environment.

State-of-the-Art Birthing Pool Rooms

Our birthing pool rooms offer a serene and stress-free environment for expectant mothers and their partners. These stylish and calming rooms are equipped with mood lighting and music to help de-stress new mothers and their families.

Features and Benefits

  • Mood Lighting: The lighting changes color and intensity to relax and calm both mothers and fathers, creating a soothing atmosphere.
  • Large Bath: The spacious bath provides a unique birthing experience, making the couple feel privileged and comfortable.
  • Pain Relief and Relaxation: Water helps the mother relax and reduces the pain of contractions by easing pressure on the abdominal muscles. It also creates a gravity-free environment and lowers blood pressure, contributing to a more comfortable birth.

Advanced and Sterile Facilities

Freya features highly equipped, advanced, and sterile operation theatres designed for maximum patient safety and comfort. The patient’s safety starts even before entering the operating room.

Controlled Environment

Our state-of-the-art Air Handling Units regulate temperature and humidity to maintain a healthy environment for speedy recovery. Special filters ensure strict aseptic precautions and a sterile atmosphere in all operation theatres.

Expert Surgical Team

Our team of highly experienced doctors ensures that surgical procedures are as convenient and comfortable as possible, helping to put patients at ease.

Modern Equipment

We use the most modern diathermy instruments, advanced endoscopy equipment from leading brands, and harmonic scalpels to enhance surgical precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive Intensive Care

A Level 3 NICU offers intensive care for very premature babies born between 27 to 30 weeks and beyond. This is the highest level of neonatal care, though the exact definition may vary between hospitals. All Level 3 NICUs provide care for babies born at more than 28 weeks.

Specialized Support

These units are equipped to provide respiratory support for babies with breathing difficulties and can administer intravenous nutrition for babies who cannot take milk feedings.

Premature and critically ill newborns need surgery soon after birth to address defects or abnormalities. Operating on critical newborns requires highly specialized care. The unit at Freya provides exceptional neonatal surgery services for newborns with congenital and acquired conditions. Pediatric surgeons meet with expecting families to counsel them about abnormalities discovered during a prenatal screening. Sometimes steps are taken to treat babies while they are still in the womb, offering them the best chance for a healthy start.

Many centers where babies are born cannot take care of some of their pregnant patients because they do not have infrastructure to take care of newborns with problems. Neo Natal Ambulance from Freya ensures emergency transfers under care of experts for neonates who need more specialised treatment and for elective or ‘back’ transfers to transport recuperating babies back to the hospital closest to their homes. It is launched to lessen the Infant Mortality Rate as a part of Millennium Development Goals.

At Freya, we provide specialized care and unique range of services for women and children. 24×7 emergency care is available. Along with 24×7 availability of pediatricians, gynecologists and neonatologists; physicians, specialists including cardiologists and surgeons available on call at the hospital make it a reliable choice to handle all kinds of medical emergencies related to the mother or child. 

The idea of spending long hours in a lab or hospital sounds boring. During the on going pandemic people avoid going for preventive screenings and lab tests. At Freya Care, we do not want people to compromise on health and so we have extended our services to Home Sample Collection. Healthcare specialists and trained technicians arrive at your doorstep to conduct examinations and collect the samples. With Home Sample Collection, the tests are done timely and there is a better tracking of health. The testing processes, methods and technology are consistent with the best practices and the test results are delivered by email or WhatsApp within the fastest possible time frame.

It is a vital part of the modern health care system to provide efficient medical care. The aim is to provide blood and blood products which are safe and adequate to meet the patients’ need, to procure it from sources where it is available. It uses stringent quality control protocols to ensure timely supply of the safest blood and blood component. The goal is to avoid the scarcity of blood and ensure the availability of safe blood

Our well-stocked pharmacy is conveniently located on the ground floor of the hospital and it provides a comprehensive pharmacy service to both hospital patients and visitors. Our friendly and professional staff members are always ready to assist you with the prescriptions and general pharmacy needs.