Ranjan Kumar

Ranjan Kumar is a skilled IT officer at Freya Hospital. He holds an impressive educational background, including an MCA, ADCA, and BCA from Indira Gandhi Open University. With over 10 years of experience, Ranjan has worked as an ID officer in SRL Ranbaxy, where he maintained and served clients while also troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Additionally, he served as a system administrator. Ranjan is an accomplished and adaptable professional who aims to maximize productivity for the organization by quickly learning and synchronizing his knowledge with the goals of the organization. He is a team player with a track record of establishing productive relationships.

Ranjan Kumar’s skill set makes him a valuable member of the IT team at Freya Hospital. He is a multitasker, self-driven, hardworking, and an effective team player. His experience in the IT industry has equipped him with the ability to quickly learn and adapt to the organization’s needs. Ranjan’s expertise in troubleshooting hardware and software problems is an asset to the hospital, ensuring that the technology runs smoothly, which is crucial in a healthcare setting. He has a proven track record of working collaboratively with others, establishing productive relationships, and achieving success through teamwork. Ranjan is committed to contributing his skills and experience to further the organization’s mission and goals.