Mithilesh Kumari Singh

Mithilesh Kumar Singh is a skilled hospital management professional currently working at Freya Hospital. He holds an MBA in hospital management from Vinayak Mission University and has extensive experience working in hospital and clinical settings. Prior to joining Freya Hospital, Mithilesh worked as a Senior Executive Front Office at Santavia Hospital Ranchi, and also at Cure Cancer Institute IRBA Ranchi. He is a disciplined and self-motivated individual who is passionate about utilizing his skills, abilities, and experience to achieve professional growth.

Mithilesh Kumar Singh possesses a range of valuable skills, including self-motivation and discipline. He is committed to delivering exceptional service and results in his work and strives to stay innovative and flexible in his approach. Mithilesh’s experience in hospital management has given him a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the unique challenges that healthcare providers face. His expertise in clinical settings makes him a valuable asset to any healthcare organization. Mithilesh is dedicated to utilizing his skills and experience to enhance the operations of Freya Hospital and to ensure that the hospital continues to provide high-quality care to its patients.