Kiran Tiru

Kiran Tiru is a highly trained and experienced midwife currently working at Freya Hospital. She completed her intermediate education at Delhi Board high school and has expertise in lactation consultation and infant massage therapy. Kiran has over 8 years of experience in the field and has worked with well-known organizations such as Baby Spinning, where she provided 24/7 phone calls for emergencies. She is a sensitive healthcare professional and seeks opportunities to enhance her skills and strengths while aligning with the company’s goals and objectives. Kiran enjoys facing challenges in her professional life and is committed to giving her best.

As a midwife, Kiran Tiru has expertise in a range of areas such as antenatal checkups, monitoring vital signs, and counselling for family planning. She is passionate about helping expectant mothers and their babies throughout the pregnancy and birth process. Her commitment to providing high-quality care and her ability to make her patients feel at ease have made her a valued member of the healthcare team.

Kiran’s experience and skills make her a highly sought-after midwife in the industry, and she continues to seek out new challenges and opportunities for growth in her career.