Dhananjay Kumar Ranjan

Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Ranjan is an accomplished Pharmacy In-Charge at Freya Hospital, with several years of experience in the field of pharmacy management. He is responsible for overseeing the pharmacy department, which involves managing the inventory of medicines and other supplies, ensuring timely delivery of medicines to patients, and maintaining records of medical purchases and usage. He has a deep understanding of pharmaceuticals and their applications in medical treatment. His extensive knowledge and expertise in pharmacy management have helped him to successfully streamline the processes involved in the pharmacy department at Freya Hospital. 

Dr. Ranjan is a dedicated professional who is committed to providing quality care to patients. He works closely with other healthcare professionals at the hospital to ensure that patients receive the best possible medical treatment. As the Pharmacy In-Charge, Dr. Ranjan is responsible for ensuring that the hospital’s pharmacy department operates smoothly and efficiently. He oversees the procurement of medicines and other supplies, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and delivered on time.