Aftab Ansari

Aftab Ansari is an experienced Human Resource Manager with a strong educational background and a practical understanding of business needs. He holds an MBA from Andhra University with a dual specialization in IHRM and Service Marketing. In addition, he has also completed an advanced diploma in HR generalist professional training. With years of experience in the industry, Aftab is highly efficient in incorporating leadership skills to enhance the company’s overall strategic plan and direction. He has developed practical knowledge and skills in staffing, internal program development and management, employee relations, and project management.

Currently, Aftab Ansari is serving as an HR Manager at Freya Hospital Private Limited. He has been instrumental in developing effective HR policies and programs that align with the organization’s strategic objectives. Prior to this, Aftab worked as a Senior HR Executive at Xena Technology. In this role, he gained hands-on experience in managing employee relations and talent acquisition strategies. Aftab’s expertise in HR management has helped him to make a significant contribution to the growth and success of the organizations he has worked with.