What patients and caregivers need to know about Obstetrics, Gynaecology and IVF


1. How do I book an appointment with a doctor at Freya Hospital?

You can contact us directly via telephone, fax, email, or letter. Details are available in the ‘Contact Us section of our website. Alternatively, you can to the “Get Appointment” tab and fill in the form available on the website to fix an appointment.

a. What is Freya’s specialty?

Freya offers a complete range of medical and surgical specialties related to women, children, and neonates under one roof, with highly experienced doctors, excellent infrastructure, and diagnostic services.

Some of the key specialties at Freya Hospital include – Neonatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Diagnostic Services, Pathology, ENT surgeries, Pediatrics, etc. Each of the specialties is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and helmed by some of the leading practitioners in their respective fields. Each specialty also employs a highly qualified nursing staff to ensure that you receive the best possible care and support.

b. Are all the consultants available for 24 hours?

All our consulting specialists are full-time employees of the hospital. They are available as per the OPD timings.

c. What information must I provide while making a medical appointment?

You need not provide any in-depth knowledge of your condition while making an appointment. However, you should carry all relevant information on your medical condition, including current medication, scans, medical history, etc. for the visit to the consultant.

If you have been referred to Freya by a doctor in your city, please carry the contact details of the doctor too.

d. Can I contact the doctors directly for an opinion?

You may contact our doctor through the “Book Appointment” tab on our website. Your appointment will be scheduled for your consultation with the doctor in the Hospital.

e. How do I take a follow-up appointment after my discharge?

The procedure remains the same.

f. Do I have to pay any advance at the time of admission?

Yes. You are required to pay a tentative amount as per the room category and the procedure/ surgery at the time of admission.

g. What is the mode of payment?

You can make the payment through cash, debit, or credit cards. We do not accept any draft or cheque.

h. Do you have an ambulance service?

Yes. We do have round a clock ambulance service.

2. Can the room be retained if the child is shifted to the NICU?

Though we avoid the retention of room, in case it is absolutely necessary to retain the room, it is allowed. However one needs to pay the charges for both the room and the NICU bed.

3. What is your policy on visitors?

We value your family and friends and recognize that they are an important part of your recovery process. However keeping in mind, the wellness of all concerned, we recommend that you adhere to the visiting hours.

4. Do you have any pass system for attendants and visitors?

We do issue passes for attendants and visitors.  To minimize crowding and noise in the patient care area, only ONE attendant pass is issued. However, a visitor pass is also issued for TWO visitors only. Both passes need to be surrendered back to the Front Office at the time of discharge.  

5. What is the policy on meals for the patients?

Since the patient’s food is monitored by our dietician, we provide food from the hospital kitchen. Attendants are welcome to order food & beverages for themselves from the kitchen on a payment basis.

6. Is there a pharmacy at the hospital?

Yes. All the medicines and consumables for the treatments are provided by the hospital pharmacy. The pharmacy is open 24/7 for emergency purposes.

7. Can we buy medicines or consumables from outside?

Medicine and consumables from outside are not allowed. All the medicines and consumables are provided by the hospital pharmacy only.

8. What kind of rooms do you have?

We have different kinds of rooms ranging from suites, super deluxe, deluxe, and twin sharing.

9. What is daycare surgery?

A daycare surgery does not require the patient to stay overnight at the hospital.