Dr. Akanchha is an accomplished Consultant Pathologist at Freya Hospital, responsible for overseeing the pathology department’s operations. Her expertise extends to performing and interpreting laboratory tests, developing treatment plans, and collaborating with other medical professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.

As a Consultant Pathologist, Dr. Akanchha’s primary focus is on ensuring timely and accurate pathology test results for patients. She supervises the department’s staff and ensures that they maintain high standards of hygiene and safety protocols. Dr. Akanchha also keeps herself updated with the latest advancements in pathology technology and techniques and implements them in the hospital’s pathology department. With her keen attention to detail, she ensures that all laboratory procedures and processes are followed meticulously to provide accurate diagnoses and quality patient care. Her dedication to her profession and patients is evident in her approach, which emphasizes compassion, integrity, and excellence.